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Medical Tourism Company in India

medical tourism in indiaProviding medical opinion and complete support in identifying the appropriate doctor or hospital for all kinds of health issues in India for people living in India and as well in other countries who wish to travel to India is what HealthOpinion stands for and does meticulously on a day to day basis by satisfying many common people who are in need of help. Through associations with most of the leading single and multi-specialty hospitals across India, HealthOpinion’s support and guidance is extended at ease to all individuals located in any part of India or outside India for their healthcare requirements.

In over journey over the past couple of months, the team at HealthOpinion has supported many normal and critical patients during emergencies. Some of it is penned down for you to read.

Mary, a 30 year old house wife on her way to a nearby marketplace slipped down from her bicycle and had sustained some minor injuries to her knee.  As it was a very minor one, she did not bother about the injury and continued her daily routine work.  As the days passed, her injury started to cause a severe pain which resulted in her visiting to a local doctor in her town. The doctor abiding to his profession did the basic work of cleaning the wound and plastered it with a bandage and explained to her that she can resume back to her daily routine.

Even though she returned home from the doctor’s clinic, she felt very uncomfortable and started to notice that her legs were swelling and an unbearable pain rose up suddenly. So the family decided to take her to nearby city, where they could find good hospitals.  She was taken to one of the big hospital in her region and was attended by a doctor at the emergency care.  The doctor explained to the family that she needs to be admitted for a couple of days at the hospital to identify and rectify the problem. Even though the stay was extended beyond a week, the doctors had no answer for her problem which was getting aggravated every day.

At this point of time, the family members became really and started discussing with their family and friends on how to get a solution. Based upon their personal experiences, everyone suggested different hospitals. Later, the family decided to shift her to another leading medical college hospital in another city. But, after two weeks of her fall, the doctors at this medical college also couldn’t provide her the attention that was required. The doctors at the hospital were also not willing to get her admitted and requested the family members to shift her to another hospital.

In this dire situation, one of their relatives suggested “HealthOpinion” to the family members. Immediately, the brother of Mary called us and informed the entire case history. With quick action to be taken, the team at HealthOpinion suggested to shift Mary to a leading hospital in Chennai. The team of HealthOpinion received the patient in the emergency department, supported the family members completely to admit her at the hospital under a well renowned plastic surgeon doctor who is capable of handling the case effectively.

Once the doctor reviewed the patient and analyzed the wound he was able to see that her leg was completely damaged as immediate proper care was not given to the wound which created an infection that spread across the leg until her hip. As Mary had reached the hospital in Chennai at a very critical stage the only option that was left for the doctors was to amputate her leg to save her to avoid the infection spreading to the other parts of her body. But the doctors once again discussed with their entire team of doctors and came up with other options on saving the leg.

The team of doctors worked together and performed a surgery on Mary which was very successful.  She stayed in the hospital for more than a month under a lot of physiotherapy care and was able to walk once again after a lot of effort. Later Mary was able to resume to her  normal life in her home town.