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How to deal with pressure ulcers?


Underlying tissue and skin breakdown leads to pressure sores. You have to choose the best bed sore treatment otherwise,the condition will get worse sooner than you can imagine. Bedsores are also called pressure ulcers, and four stages of pressure ulcers are quite common these days. If the initial stages are not treated well, then further decaying of muscles, bones and tissues cannot be stopped. Right pressure sore prevention on time can cater you maximised relief from unwanted symptoms and sufferings.

Why pressure ulcers occur?

  • Patients having thin and frail skin usually has poor circulation and on the other hand turning or moving can cause skin damage causing bed sores.
  • Pressure on both skin and bone might cause blood-flow interruption as a result of which bed sores might occur.
  • Shearing risks are also one of the main causes of bed sores where blood-vessels and cell-walls get tear and stretched.

Pressure ulcer stages

  • Stage one: Though skin becomes quite painful,open wounds do not occur. No tears or breaks are included. Warmer skin temperature and reddish skin colour can be experienced.
  • Stage two: Breaking and wearing away of the skin occur, creating pressure sores. Since deeper skin layers become affected, acute skin damages are common. Blisters appear filled with clear fluid.
  • Stage three:This is the worst stage of pressure ulcers, where skin tissues get badly affected by creating a small crater.
  • Stage four: Deeper ulcers are found causing acute damage to both bones and muscles. Joints, tendons and deeper issues might also get affected adversely

Treatment options for pressure ulcers
You got to know the probable options for pressure ulcer treatment so that you can choose the most effective one that can reduce your sufferings. Some of the most prominent options are as follows:-

  • Re-positioning of patients can be quite helpful in dealing painful signs of pressure ulcers.
  • Specialised mattresses, cushions, pads and bed are quite helpful in reducing skin breakdown and sore pressure.
  • Cleaning wounds with mild soap and water can be one of the best ways for cleaning open sores. You can also use saline water in this regard. Treatment for decubitus ulcers can also be smoothly conducted by performing this step.
  • Dressings can accelerate healing along with the protection of wounds.
  • Infected ulcers can be only treated by oral antibiotics, but those antibiotics should be essentially prescribed by the doctors only.
  • Debridement is one of the most popular methods for healing sores where infected or dead tissues are being removed This method can easily replace the need for surgical treatment.
  • Eating nutritional foods has great importance and the patients should continue the same so that the necessary nutritional elements can get absorbed in the These elements can increase immunity system and on the other hand sore wounds can be healed quickly.
  • Severe sore conditions can be only treated by means of surgical actions.