To Be or Not to Be a Smart Eater

We all love our carbs, don’t we? But, isn’t it a good idea to love your body as much as you love the red velvet cake that seems to be calling to you from afar? I mean, red velvet cakes come and go, but your body? That’s here to stay. So, here are some guidelines on how to keep that wonderful body of yours as healthy as ever!


Among the healthy foods to eat, to keep your body happy, green vegetables rank first. There is a wide range of veggies to choose from, starting with spinach, cabbage, broccoli to peas, bok choy, kale amongst others. Now before the names frighten you away, let me remind you, these vegetables are great sources of phytonutrients, capable of revitalizing your health in a jiffy. With low sugar levels, low glucose levels and being packed with water and fibre, they protect you against the big bad guys like cancer and heart disease too!


Physical exercising improves your health drastically. It starts with reducing your risk of a cardiac arrest to managing your weight. Not just physically, even mentally you will feel at peace for it clears your mind and blocks negative thoughts and daily worries from it. The basic physical activity guidelines recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise. Try and be active on a daily basis. Participating in any kind of activity is an improvement from none at all. If you’re just beginning to exercise, you need to build your way up slowly. An approximation of 2 ½ to 5 hours of physical activity each week along with muscle strengthening activities at least twice a week leads to a good and healthy lifestyle. Try it!


We’ve all had to memorize the definition of this phrase in grade 4 Biology classes, but how many of us apply it in our daily lives? Surely, a well-balanced diet that gives your body the nutrients it desperately needs isn’t that bad a scheme- is it? After all, it does provide you with proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fruits, whole grains, vegetables to name a few! In the task of grooming your body, you must follow a balanced diet, eat at proper mealtimes and ensure that whichever food item you choose to eat is good for your body!


In the age of millennials, where we all look to the internet whenever we need anything, here’s a tip for all those who belch at the sight of anything traditionally healthy. There are other ways you can achieve your body goals! The magic words are healthy meal ideas. Yes, in today’s day and age, you have at your disposal quick and easy to make recipes under whichever topic (i.e. diabetes friendly dishes, gluten-free dishes, cholesterol-friendly dishes, diary-free dishes etc.) suits you best.

At the end of the day, the body you are being asked to take good care of, is yours. You’re merely doing yourself a favour by following though the idea of it which may not sound very appealing but can work wonders! Try it.

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