Here is Everything You Need to Know about Swollen Eyes


Swollen eyes or eyelids are a most common type of eye affliction. The place above the eyelids will get inflamed due to the accumulation of blood or unwanted fluids in and around the connective tissues of the eyes and eyelids causing swollen eyes. It causes eyelid inflammation or bulge over an eye, which leads to redness and irritation. Swollen eyes usually subside within a day. If not, you need to consider consulting an eye specialist as soon as possible.

Symptoms of swollen eyes

Eye swelling causes the following symptoms which may lead to serious illness if left unattended.

  • Redness, itching and heat sensation over the affected eye
  • Blurred vision or partial vision or restricted vision
  • Excessive flow of tears and other unwanted fluids out of the eye, resulting in reddish and watery eyes
  • Conjunctiva or pink eye syndrome
  • Increased sensitivity towards external factors like light (photosensitivity), air, cold or hot water etc.
  • Extreme pain in and around the eye

Causes of swollen eyes

There are certain reasons that cause your eyes to swell, this may range from small problems to life-threatening complexity

  • Eye trauma – Injuries or trauma to the eye usually causes swollen eye combined with discoloured eye
  • Contact Lens – Wearing contact lenses irregularly, dirty contact lenses, uncleaned contact lenses, damaged contact lenses causes irritation of the eye and inflammation
  • Conjunctivitis – It causes infection and inflammation of the external lining of the eye. Usually, an allergic reaction towards a bacteria or any other foreign bodies leads to conjunctivitis
  • Allergy – Allergies are caused by various factors like dust, impure water, polluted air, harmful microbes, etc. Eye allergies are also caused by other things like cosmetic products applied near the eye or contact lens or contact lens solutions
  • Bug bite – Insect bites usually implants foreign particles into our system for which the inflammation or swelling is caused as a defense mechanism
  • Cyst – It is also called as a chalazion, a block inside the Meibomian gland, an oil gland located onthe rim of the eyes. This block causes the eyes to swell
  • Stye – Small reddish bump like structure on the eyelid caused due to inflammation of the Meibomian gland. The bump is so delicate and may cover the entire eye
  • Cellulites – Inflammation of the skin portions around the eyes. It is usually caused by bacterial infections

Treatments for swollen eyes

Swollen eyelid treatment includes,

  • At the times of infection, clean the eyes with a warm cloth or cotton. This may subside the inflammation caused by an infection
  • Consult a professional eye doctor in case of small swelling or irritation in the eye, the doctor will recommend using antibiotic eye drops to eradicate the infection or in case of an allergic reaction, the doctor will medicate with antihistamine eye drops that will induce artificial tears to remove all unwanted particles from the eye
  • Avoid using contact lens and eye make-up
  • Apply cold compress on the swollen part of the eye
  • If nothing works, see an eye specialist and take proper tests and treatments

Preventive measures of swollen eye

  • Medical treatment in India is highly advanced for all types of eye treatments. You have to consider seeing a professional eye doctor in case of any discomfort in your eyes
  • Clean your eyes with cold water every day to remove dirt and other particles from your eye
  • If you are using contact lens, clean it with the proper cleaning solution regularly
  • Take up preventive health checkup every year to stay away from such problems
  • Avoid specific allergens that cause repeated allergy in your eyes. Avoid heavy makeups near the eye.
  • Clean your eyes with proper make up removal solutions while removing heavy make-ups

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