How to manage pain after an Ankle Surgery

Ankle surgery recovery is a long and tedious process that one has to embark in order to gain the full function of their affected ankle or joint. Ankle replacement surgery involves  repairing of broken bones in the ankle or inserting single or multiple artificial implants in case of severe problems. Broken ankle recovery tends to take a long period of time to reattach after the surgery. In case of any artificial implant(s), it will still take a lot of time for your body to accept those implant(s) and make a full recovery.

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During this time, you have to be cautious while doing anything because even a slight disturbance in the operated area might cause serious problems like infection, damage to the suture, etc. So the entire process of recovery is tiresome that you have to be dependent on other people to carry out your day to day activities. The only thing that you should endure on your own is the pain during ankle surgery recovery. Ankles are the junctions that connect the limbs.; it is subjected to take up a lot of pressure, which in turn causes lots of pain while recovering. Just operated, the amount of pain in the operated area will be tremendous. You need to learn to manage the pain with the help of your orthopaedic surgeon or a knee specialist. Your pain will eventually wear off as your ankle repairs. In the meantime, there are certain ways to manage pain after an ankle surgery.


Yes, you are injured. Yes, that is a big bandage. There is no use in freaking out about what has already happened. You need to focus on the healing process and seek proper therapy. You should relax while going through the ankle surgery recovery course.

Relaxation is important for your pain-free recovery. As long as you keep yourselves relaxed, faster the recovery process will be. You have to rest a lot to keep your mind and the operated area relaxed. Proper resting will remove the strain and pressure out the affected ankle area and will trigger the healing process. You have to get a lot of sleep to relax your body and to speed up the recovery. You can also concentrate on other leisure activities like reading books, good music, watching TV or movies to keep your mind away from pain.

Painkiller medicines

You should take painkiller medicines as directed by your knee specialist. This will relieve from your distress for a while. You should strictly follow the dosage and time intervals as per the advice of your physician because the pain medicines are very much soothing that you may get addicted to them. Pain medicines are usually advised just for a few days after the ankle surgery. After a while, you have to adapt managing pain without consuming painkiller medicines.

You have to eat healthy to gain required energy for the healing process. By eating healthy, you get the right vitamins and other essential nutrient supplements that will help with the pain and speed up the whole recovery process.

Ice packs

Applying cold compression with ice packs on the operated area will relieve pain and swelling. You have to gently place the ice pack on the ankle and press it slowly on the wound. Ice packs are advisable after two weeks of the surgery. It should be applied to the closed wound, maybe after the removal of bandages or suture. You could just leave ice packs on the wound for a while to get a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

Consult your knee specialist

Sometimes, pain can be unimaginable that you have to immediately visit your knee specialist. They only can provide a necessary remedy to control your pain rather using your own methods. Broken ankle recovery time is a long tiresome period and you need to face some intolerable pain episodes. During this time, you have to do as advised by your knee specialist to keep your pain at bay.


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