Laparoscopic surgery

Set 2-06Minimal Invasive Surgery: Benefits and Risks

Laparoscopic surgery is a modern and unique way of performing various surgical techniques inside the abdomen and pelvis without cutting them open. This surgery is widely accepted and practiced all over the world. The procedures of the laparoscopic surgery are extremely simple and convenient because it involves no cutting and stitching back. It leaves no or less scar behind and there are no risks of any pain or haemorrhage. Laparoscopic surgery recovery is very quick and the patients never experience any pain or stress in the operated area.

It is also called as minimal invasive surgery. It just needs small incisions to successfully perform the surgery on a patient. The incisions are made far from actual location of the affected area. Surgery is done with the help of an instrument called a laparoscope. It is long tube-like instrument with a high-intensity light and a camera with higher resolution. During laparoscopic surgery procedure, a laparoscope is inserted in one of the incision into the abdomen to monitor and treat different complications inside the gastrointestinal tract of the patient. The camera aids the doctor to get a clear vision of all the parts of gastrointestinal tract inside the abdomen. Using this knowledge, the doctor can observe the problems, take a sample for biopsy and perform surgeries by inserting surgical instruments through other incisions.

Advantages of laparoscopic surgery

  • The surgery is absolutely painless. Local anesthesia is given before making those little incisions on the abdominal areas of surgery. Even smaller incisions leave no scar during the time of post-operational recovery
  • It reduces the risks of having a haemorrhage or blood clot during the surgery. No organs are kept open so there is no chance for air or any other gases to enter the abdomen
  • Laparoscopy aids in monitoring the activities of various organs inside the abdomen and pelvis like stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, appendix, the intestines, and reproductive organs
  • Laparoscopic surgery patients are often treated as outpatients in hospitals around the world. You can go home on the same day after the completion of your surgery
  • It is used to detect and treat various abdominal conditions like liver diseases, leakage of abdominal fluids, cyst or a tumour in any organs inside the abdomen, cancer etc.
  • It is also used to monitor the recovery of every operated parts inside the abdomen after a successful laparoscopic surgery
  • Large and small intestine are easily prone to infection in the event of cutting and opening of the abdomen. Laparoscopic surgery procedure never allows cutting and opening of anything, thus keeping the intestines away from infections and any such contaminations
  • Laparoscopy aids the surgeon to carefully inspect the internal organs on a screen. Your surgeon can zoom in, compare and analyze your conditions thoroughly before coming to a conclusion about your health

Risks of Laparoscopic surgery

Though the procedure is completely safe and has absolutely no risk factors of any kind, there are some possible hazards of a laparoscopic surgery.

  • If not professionally handled, the laparoscope can puncture and damage the internal organs leading to internal bleeding, blood clot or haemorrhage
  • Sensitive patients might experience certain degrees of abdominal pain, fever etc.
  • Inflammation, itching, redness, and irritation on the incision areas due to small bacterial infection or improper suture
  • It can permanently damage any internal organ, if not handled properly
  • If the surgery is performed inside a deep abdominal area, it can seriously affect the bowel movement of a person
  • It also affects the urinary tract and the reproductive organs in rare cases

Laparoscopic surgery in India

India is one of the leading pioneers of performing all kinds of laparoscopic surgeries in the world. The quality of this surgery provided in India is exceptional and effective than other countries. People all over the world prefer India for all kinds of laparoscopic surgeries. Indian surgeons and doctors are acclaimed and respected worldwide for their inventions and skills in the areas of laparoscopic surgery.


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