6 Amazing Health Benefits of Pears

Green, juicy, succulent and fibrous, Pears are a welcome respite from the summer heat. A delicious pome that can just be plucked off the tree and eaten raw, the Pear is a tasty fruit full of juiciness, goodness and health. Energy-rich and cooling, this summer-fruit is the ideal choice for people of all ages. Available in 3000 varieties all over the world, this fruit belonging to the Rosaceae family is what we recommend for you as your dietary constituent this summer. And here are the benefits of eating pears along with the necessity for pear nutrition.

Pear Nutritional facts

The Pear is an “energy super-store” as it is full of flavonoids, antioxidants, dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals etc. Pears are rich in

1. Vitamins like Vitamin C, E, K and the whole Vitamin “B” Bundle with B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B12, Choline etc.

2. Minerals like Iron, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese and Zinc

3. Phytonutrients or Flavonoids which help in fighting diseases like Beta-Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin

4. Carbohydrates- 15%

5. Water – 84%

Being the “no-fat” fruit, Pear has a negligible amount of fat (0.14g) and protein (0.36g) respectively and is rich in carbs(15.23g). The overall energy derived from a normal pear is 57 cal. which is amazing.

Benefits of eating pears

1. Pear- the super coolant

Pears have been synonymous with water for a long time. Yes, with 84% of water in them, pears are literally “watery fruits”. This is why they are the best for summers as they hydrate, cool and

refresh the body. They prevent the shortness of breath or dryness of throat due to excessive heat and revive the tired cells. This super-coolant fruit called “Pear” is truly a “dear” for your skin and throat.

2. Pear- the skin doctor

Loaded with dietary fibres and antioxidants, Pears are the best elixirs for anti-ageing. The dietary fibre in the pear slows down the discharge of sugar into the blood. They also keep the skin hydrated with their humectants and water, thereby reducing the secretion of sebum and avoid formation of acne. Rich in Vitamin C, Pears banish wrinkles away and reduce the damage of skin collagen, keeping your skin soft, smooth and supple.

3. Pear- the hair expert

The “C” rich Pear is ideal for curing your hair! Yes, with its sorbitol and glucitol, the Pear nourishes your hair roots and strengthens them, preventing hair fall. The anti-oxidants and water in pears keep the hair from drying or frizzing up. Hair masks made of pears act as good hair revitalizers restoring their lost shine.

4. Pear- for pregnancy and weaning

The Pear is a perfect protector for your Pregnancy. Yes, its high content of Folic Acid keeps your baby safe from birth -defects. Even after childbirth, Pears are used for weaning the children from milk.

Health Benefits of Pears

With their reservoir of vitamins and minerals, Pears have enormous health benefits like these –

1. Fight Cancer – The Vitamin C and Flavonoids present in Pears fight the formation of Free Radicals which cause cancer by mutating the healthy ones to cancerous tissues. Colon, Breast, Rectum and Lung cancer can be prevented by regular intake of pears.

2. Boost immunity- The Vitamins and Minerals present in Pears help to boost immunity and combat diseases like cold, flu, fever etc.

3. Heal the Heart- The Potassium in Pears is a great vasodilator. This lowers the blood pressure and relieves the strain on the heart.

4. Best for Digestion- The Pear is a hydrated fruit with tons of fibre. It is best for digestion as it relieves constipation and also corrects diarrhea.

5. Speedy Circulation- The Iron in Pears increases haemoglobin and improves circulation.

6. Builds the Bones- The calcium in pears builds the bones preventing osteoporosis.

From China to Chennai, Pears are the best for one and all, for their healthy and happy living.


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