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Heading towards 30? 7 Things to Remember for a Healthy Life


By the time we reach the mark 30, life becomes full of responsibilities and already will be in a process to lie down a path for completeness. Many things happen during this age, most people get marry, have children, settle down in a career or with a business, have a house and social status and lot more happen during 30. Amid all these things and responsibilities there are chances when we keep lesser eye on our health.

Aging is a continuousand natural process. It is not necessary that we take things differently as we enter the third decade of life, but accept the changes that are inevitable.However, incorporating a healthy lifestyle can help delay the unwanted changes that may come with our 30s.

Every individual is unique and so are the health concerns. But there are certain things, if well taken care of, can help us in smooth sailing in changing phases of life.

  1. Unhealthy diet: Anybody who is entering into 30s have to accept the fact that metabolism is getting slowed down with increasing probability of weight gain, high cholesterol levels and high BP as well. We should also be aware of the fact that bone loss also begins in 30s which may lead to thinning of bone or osteoporosis. Muscles start to lose their tone which can affect muscle strength, fitness and balance. Healthy eating habits can help prevent such unwanted changes.
  • Healthy and balanced diet rich in all the essential nutrients are recommended.
  • Intake of Junk food and carbonated drinks should be reduced.
  • Protein intake can be increased over carbohydrates.
  • Calcium rich diet for healthy bones and muscles are recommended.
  • Natural sources of antioxidants can help improve dullness or sagging of skin.
  1. Unhealthy eating habits:
  • Crash dieting which can lead to low energy levels, reduced concentration and mood swings.
  • Binge eating: As stated earlier with reduced metabolism, binge eating may lead to weight gain and other problems related to it.
  1. Sedentary life: The increasing stress and work load of modern times may leave us with little time for exercise. Physical activity in form of exercise, walking, yoga or any sport will not only improve our physical health but has a great impact on psychological health as well and will also help in reducing the risk of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and other heart diseases as well.
  2. Smoking and Alcoholism: Smoking heavily may increase the risk of many life threatening diseases, of which oral cancer and stroke are most common. Thus for heavy smokers, smoking should be reduced gradually and then stopped. Likewise binge drinking should also be avoided.
  3. Not going to doctor: We should also accept the fact that with the coming 30s the disease risk also increases because of reduced immune efficiency, slower repair processes and reduced production of key hormones for healing and repair. This makes regular check-ups to doctor mandatory, not only to avoid any unwanted consequences but also for improving health. Screening for BP, cholesterol, diabetes, eyes, and dental examination should be done on regular basis. Women should also undergo Pap test and pelvic examination.
  4. Immunization: Adult immunization for hepatitis A and B, tetanus should not be avoided.
  5. De-stressing: In today’s stressful world it is very important to de-stress by means of meditation, exercise, some hobby or taking vacation to rejuvenate both mentally and physically, for having a healthy mind, body and soul as there is no health without mental health!

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